Case Study by Lin

I Cut $70,000 Off My Mortgage in Only Two Years—and am spilling the beans, so You Can Too!

Hi! I have a fantastic story to tell you. It began when I bought a house, heard something outrageous at a seminar, and met my guy-pal John just after his house burned to the ground. If one of these things hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have this story and you couldn’t be the beneficiary of what happened next.

If you want to save on your mortgage, without refinancing, you have to hear my story. I am not a lender, broker or Realtor – just an ordinary homebuyer who doesn’t like getting “taken to the cleaners.” I’m Lin, and this is my story. . .

In 2002 we bought our dream home in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. One of the first shock-a-roos was discovering our $200,000 loan was going to cost us nearly half a million dollars! I’ve always been pretty good with money – save, spend wisely and share. I’ve also read self-improvement books since I was a teenager and been to a lot of seminars, including the one I mentioned in the first paragraph that prepared me to help John, John to turn around and help me, and both of us to spill the beans on what lenders don’t tell you that could save you a fortune..

What I heard in one tiny segment of the seminar – how different kinds of interest are calculated differently by lenders – led me to try  something with my mortgage that others found really scary. I know they did, because after I explained it to my friends, and recommended a book they all bought…

…then checked back with them a few months later, not a single person had tried what I was having such huge success with.

After two years on “my plan,” I’d cut $70,000 off my mortgage. And that was not even counting my regular payments! (You can find out more about early mortgage payoff secrets like this by comparing an amortization chart from before making any changes, to one after making some changes. You may be able to cut thousands, or tens of thousands, off your mortgage interest.)

My best friend John was supporting a wife and two kids in a new house – after his rental burned to the ground and they lost everything but their lives. I asked him why he wasn’t doing with his mortgage what I was doing with mine. Surely he didn’t have extra money ‘to burn.’ I couldn’t stand the thought of it taking them as long to rebuild their lifestyles as it took the first time! “John, you have to!” I urged in my best big-sister voice.

“It just sounds too hard, Lin. It sounds scary. What if I don’t do mortgage acceleration right?”

I’ll give you an update on John and his family in a minute, but first, can I just share with you a couple of things I learned? You might be able to use these yourself. I made a video because I think it communicates faster than more typed pages.

Here’s a screen shot of the video.

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